10 Tips to Plan Your Perfect Wedding Day

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Bride & Groom at Orchards Venue KZN Midlands Durban

 10 wedding tips to make sure your special day gets off without a hitch!

1.       Décor:

Have a “mockup” done if at all possible. Show the decorator the type of flowers and décor you love ( even photos of previous work they have done) .

Be realistic in your requests. Don’t walk in with an idea of specific imported flowers , but not have the relevant budget to afford them. If you have a set budget, be honest with the decorator,  and rather have a look and feel in mind.

ASK the decorator for help and advice based on the time of year you are getting married. They are the experts and will help work within your budget based on what they know is in season , and what you can afford.

2.       Photographer/ Videographer;

make sure they know what kind of photos/ the vibe you are wanting to end up with…

Don’t be too prescriptive , trust them ; But do show them their previous work that you absolutely love. Be realistic that you might not have the same weather/ scenery to work with but show them what you love….

3.       DJ:

Make sure he has all your songs in ADVANCE. Don’t leave this for the last minute! Have the discussions well in advance and make sure he gets the info a few weeks before the wedding. Also does the DJ know what kind of music your crowd like? DO NOT give your DJ a list of songs and the order to play them in. That is their job! They will read the crowd , and know what songs should follow the next. They love a bit of help and advice on the crowd likes/ dislikes , but trust them to play what they know they should play!

4.       Caterer:

At Orchards we like the Brides to have had a tasting , or to have eaten the food the caterer they have chosen has previously served. This ensures that you know exactly what you are getting on the day and can make sure that there are no “grey areas”. Chat about “seasonal” options with your caterer; it’s no use insisting on asparagus when they are not available .

Additionally, discuss the cake and what the process will be on your wedding day. ie: The time and place where it is being cut , and when it will be served…. eg: with afternoon tea? For Dessert?

5.       Drinks and Alcohol:

Discuss the relevant Bar tab and what you are supplying / paying for beforehand. Confirm that everyone is in agreement with what is being served on the tab / off the tab and overall drinks supplied. A relaxed discussion beforehand with your supplier on what the payment arrangements are is so much better than an uncomfortable telephone conversation on the day.

6.       Makeup:

Have a hair and makeup trial if possible. If not then make sure your suppliers know exactly what you want/ need. This really makes the day go so much easier if everyone knows exactly what they are doing. Check that the makeup/ hair stylists can cope with the number of ladies/ gents you have included, they might need extra hands if they know in advance exactly what will be needed of them. Ensure that they have the relevant accessories needed as well. If you are wanting flowers , make sure they know this and have them supplied.

7.       Venue:

Confirm with the venue that they know exactly who will be arriving and when. If there are added musicians/ photo booths or any “additional service providers”, let the venue know of them so that they can be appropriately placed. You can’t be around all the time and it just saves additional questions or urgent phone calls on your wedding day.

This being said , make sure you give the venue a trusted contact to get in touch with. This person should be able to make decisions on your behalf should you be absent or unattainable at the time.

8.       Seating plan:

Have this done in advance. Know where your tables are going and who is sitting where. This can always be adjusted the week before and chairs pulled away / added. This is ESSENTIAL or everyone , from your venue , to the décor,  to the drinks being ordered.

9.      Vendors:

 Try and have a rough time line sent to all service providers in advance. This helps with planning and makes sure everyone is on the same page and well coordinated. Don’t be too prescriptive , a one page outline of how you would like things to run is perfect. Most service providers can help with advice on when to do what ; and how to plan times e.g. couples creative shoot , based on time of year and how long they need etc.

10.   MOST importantly , don’t stress over small things that no one will notice in the bigger picture! If the flowers are slightly different , if the lights are not “quite as you imagined” ; don’t get worked up. Step back , breathe and decide if anyone else will notice? Chances are they wont , stressing about small details will take away the enjoyment of the day! Make sure you have properly briefed your suppliers , seen their work , had the relevant trials and mockup and then TRUST your suppliers.

We all want you to have the BEST day ever and will do whatever we can , even behind the scenes, to make sure you have a dream wedding day !


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